Sarah Jessica Parker Hosts Shoe Sale to Benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center


Sarah Jessica Parker brings 5,000 shoes to Houston for a good cause.

Actress and entrepreneur who knocked out single women in love with Manolos everywhere hosts ultimate shoe sale 9 am-7pm April 16 at Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Road, for the benefit of the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Free entry.

The sale features shoe styles and accessories from her shoe brand SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, which launched in 2014.

SJP debuts: Sarah Jessica Parker launches a shoe collection

Parker partnered with business partner George Malkemus, a native of San Antonio and CEO of Manolo Blahnik, for the sale. Malkemus’ life partner and SPJ vice president Tony Yurgaitis is a prostate cancer survivor treated by the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“I love these two gentlemen, so George got this idea (for sale) and I thought it was divine,” Parker said over the phone. “Any reason to come to Texas is fine with me. So we’re going to hop on a plane, spend a few hours there and work the piece like we do when we’re in New York in our showroom. We’ll be there to get things done. and make sure people have what they need, say hello and be a part of this special day. “

It is the first time that she and Malkemus have traveled to a town for a shoe sale to benefit a hospital. Some shoes will be donated to Prom Party Palooza at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital for teens attending the prom.

Since heels were so essential to her “Sex and The City” character, I asked about her favorite stilettos: “I suck at perfect, best and favorite,” she said.

“I’m like a lot of people. Your life and the day ahead dictate what you wear and why you wear it. You have an affair with things because they match your fantasy. Then you move on. all of them. I live in New York and am on the train and the side streets, so I don’t wear them in my walking life and to bring the kids to school. “

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When asked if the heels made a number to her feet, as so many women have experienced, she said: “I was a ballet dancer and I wore pointes for many years. many years before I started “Sex and the City” so I had already asked a lot of my feet. They were extremely reliable and reliable. I favor them and I feel really lucky that they never betrayed me or let go. “

Parker has moved beyond the fashion world. Recently, she partnered with Invivo & Co, a New Zealand winery launched in 2008, to put her mark on an exclusive collection of wines.

I had hoped to continue with a few more questions about her style, which women around the world adore, but Parker graciously declined to comment.

“I’m more than fashion,” she said.

Yes she is.

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