Minister’s orders for the sale of 15 kg bags of flour ignored


LAHORE: The authorization granted by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Aleem Khan, who also holds the portfolio of the Minister of Food, for the sale of a 15 kg bag of flour was rejected by the task force on the price control Monday.

The Price Control Working Group led by Punjabi Industry and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal along with Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht and Agriculture Minister Nauman Ahmad Langrial suspended the minister’s orders principal and asked the authorities concerned that flour should not be marketed in 15 kg and 25 kg bags.

Interestingly, on August 5, the food service authorized the sale of fine flour in 15 kg packages to millers from the wheat they were purchasing in open markets. However, the mills were not allowed to use such packaging for wheat delivered by the food service to the mills.

Clearance orders issued by Punjab Food Director Wajid Ali Shah on August 5 stated that “special / super fine (in clothes / pp bag) 15kg – gray color – 18% bran extraction rate »Allowed to flour mills from private wheat stocks. The clearance was granted after the millers sued the senior minister and held meetings with him and follow-up meetings with the food secretary. Chairs the meeting of the price control working group, Aslam Iqbal ordered that the administration ensure the availability of the 10 kg and 20 kg bags of flour while the 15 kg and 25 kg bags should not be reached on the market. In addition, he called for the trucking system to be abolished to ensure the availability of cheap wheat flour to the people. He ordered the mapping of the whole starting mechanism, from the release of wheat to the flour mills, the production of flour from it and the supply to the market. The meeting attended by the three Punjab ministers showed their powerlessness in the face of the price mafia and the poor performance of price control magistrates in the province.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with the price control mechanism and the price control magistrates who could not take action against the grabbers and profiteers in the province. They ordered the administration to perform its duties responsibly and deliver results. They ordered severe action against the hoarders and profiteers. In addition, the administration has been ordered to develop a clear price control mechanism and price monitoring system over the next two weeks. The Director General of the Department of Industries informed the meeting of the measures taken against profiteers and hoarders. The commissioner, deputy commissioners and police officer from across the province attended the meeting via video conference while relevant officials from the Ministry of Industry also attended the meeting.

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