Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Sale 2021


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Fanny packs have started their ascent, growing from the accessory of choice for distraught tourists to a streetwear staple before the pandemic. But last year, when leaving home required taking more stuff with you – like hand sanitizer and a face mask, in addition to the trinity of the phone, wallet, and keys – fanny packs became even more popular, which makes sense. Not only are they generally light and easy to transport, but they also keep your hands free if you are biking, rollerblading or scootering. Even if things start to return to a semblance of normalcy, those who follow expert advice will still take masks and sanitizer (along with other essentials) when they leave the house for the foreseeable future. And with the weather starting to heat up, you might be looking for a more convenient way to do it when you start to get more and more out of the house. Lululemon’s fanny pack would be an option we recommend; it’s the perfect size for all your needs, according to Strategist Associate Editor Maxine Builder, who uses it herself. She admits that the logo on the front can be “a little embarrassing” at first, but promises that the practical convenience of the “sturdy enough” bag will quickly make you forget that logo. The current sale price of $ 29 might also help, as the only thing better than hanging something trendy while it’s still in fashion is hanging something trendy while it’s is always in fashion – and on sale.

Lululemon Everywhere 1L Waist Bag, Yellow Highlighter

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